Popstep Vol.02: Kriegsaffe (featuring Maëlan)

Popstep Vol.02

Get ready for some bass! KWISTAX and TMI have selected the best, the rarest and heaviest around! Through this 19 track long mix, they present their dark and disturbing look on current dubstep. MAËLAN from the Brussels STAINAGE label is the one carrying the rhythm with his war cries throughout the mix. The genius of MONSIEUR D. came up with a special packaging that is an experience of its own: each cd comes with a serigraphed poster of 36×36cm that we’ll leave up to you to discover…


12th Planet — Hell-O (Smog)
Mrk1 — Dubelek (Contagious)
Kutz — Taranchula (Soul Jazz Records)
Jakes & Joker — 3klane (Hench)
Ac Slater — Hello (Nightshifters)
High Rankin — You, Me, And The Devil (Suicide Dub)
Rob Sparx — Sludge (Audio Freaks)
16 Bit — PCP (Urban Essentials)
Conscious Pilot — Hash N Hydro (Shift Recordings)
Ed Solo — Watch Your Eyes (Sludge)
Skism — The Blank (Wicky Lindows)
Jakes — In Tha Place To Be (Hench)
Reso — If Ya Cant Beat Em (Civil Music)
Dz — Break It Down (Badman Press)
Downlink — Moonrock Badman (Substruk Records)
Syntonics — Material (Bombaman Remix) (Lo Dubs)
Gemmy — Tower Mast (Planet Mu)
Baobinga Feat Dj Nasty — State Of Ghetto Jackin (Trg Remix) (Trouble & Bass)
Marco Del Horno — Samurai (Rusko Remix) (Bullet Train)

Buy it for 5 euros here:
www.lostinmusicrecords.com “LOST IN MUSIC” 3 Plattesteen 1000 Bruxelles BE
www.montanashop.be “MONTANA GALLERY” 19 Rue de la Madeleine 1000 Bruxelles BE
www.exit07.lu “EXIT 07″ 1 Rue de l’Aciérie 1024 Luxembourg LU
www2.extrabold.eu “EXTRABOLD” 24 Av. de la Liberté 1930 Luxembourg LU

A series of exclusive limited edition t-shirts will be available in june too, so stay tuned!

www.myspace.com/djnanni / www.myspace.com/tmiradioara


2 responses to “Popstep Vol.02: Kriegsaffe (featuring Maëlan)

  1. thx maaaaaaaaaan

  2. oi oi oi, cheers!!!

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